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Can a fallen tree be saved?

In Florida, our trees have to survive a constant onslaught of dangers. Those dangers include wood eating insects, fungus, seasonal drought, sudden floods and strong wind.

Too often, flooding rain and high wind come together, either in a tropical cyclone, or just our typical afternoon thunderstorms. Even if the rivers aren't overflowing, the ground can become saturated, weakening the tree's anchor point and allowing it to blow over.

Once a tree has fallen, one might ask, "Can we save it?" Most of the time, that answer is going to be "No". Trees are just too big and heavy to set right, get re-anchored, and recover. When a tree falls, the root system is catastrophically damaged. The crown and trunk may be damaged as well. Broken limbs open the tree to insects, moisture and fungus.

The exception would be smaller trees that might be given a chance to re-grow their root system. These trees would require careful re-planting that minimizes additional damage to the root system and branches, and carefully re-packing the soil to ensure the roots are not crushed and do not dry out, plus attentive care afterward. A careful pruning of damage branches, leaving as much of the tree intact as possible, and ensuring it has plenty of water give it the best chance for recovery. Once the tree has regrown it's roots and begins putting on new growth, fertilizer and additional pruning may be in order. Not every re-planted tree will survive.

If you have a tree down on your property and you'd like to know if it's salvageable, or if you already determined that it's beyond help and needs to be removed, let MidFlorida Tree service help you remove or recover the fallen tree.

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