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Tampa Stump Grinding

A stump in your yard is not only unsightly, but is a danger to your friends and family, or, knowing it would be dangerous, it just prevents you from using that part of your yard. If someone else trips over your stump, you might be held liable.

Stumps are a pain to mow around. If it's low enough, you or your lawn service may forget or not notice, and warp a blade or even bend a shaft by hitting the stump. (that's big money on a big mower!)

Depending on the tree species, some stumps will re-grow multiple new trunks, creating a bush or shrub that requires constant maintenance if not finally removed.

Perhaps the most important reason, other than avoiding tripping hazards, is that a stump can harbor insects and disease. Nature's way of removing stumps is to let them get infected with wood destroying insects, fungus and microbes. This is a bit of nature you'd be better off keeping away from your healthy trees, lawn and home.

Mid Florida Tree Service has various sizes of stump grinders to match the size and location of whatever stump you need removed, and the experience and care to ensure it is done with minimal disruption to the rest of your landscape.

You will find that stump grinding is the best and most economical way to get rid of your stump below grade.

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Mid Florida Tree Service offers tree trimming and tree pruning to the Central Florida area. Hazardous tree removal, lot clearing, stump grinding and root pruning and root removal are also offered. site map 2 3. Service is provided in Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk County including Tampa , Temple Terrace, Plant City Brandon, Lutz, Ruskin, Zephyrhills, Dade City, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Brandon and all of Tampa Bay. Certified Arborists who clean up after storm damage, help expedite hurricane recovery. 24 hour Emergency Service. Free estimates for Tree Work. Palm Tree Trimming & removal. Oak Tree Preservation. Florida's Trees are a valuable resource to be protected. When one must come down, trust an experienced company to prevent damage to other property. ISA Certified arborist are on staff.
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