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Mid-Florida Tree Service FAQs

1)  Why should my trees be pruned?
2)  Should I have my trees topped?
3)  Will moss hurt or kill my trees?
4)  Is there something you can do to keep moss growth down?
5)  How do you remove moss?
6)  Will mistletoe kill my tree?
7)  How do you get rid of a stump?
8)  Should tree cuts or wounds be treated or painted?
9)  How often do trees need to be pruned?
10)  When is the best time of year to trim my trees?
11)  Should holes or cavities be filled in my tree?
12)  Should I fertilize my trees?
13)  Do I need a permit to remove my tree?
14)  What is a grand tree?



Why should my trees be pruned?
Tree pruning:

  • promotes good branch structure,

  • can correct poor branch structure,

  • reduces potential hazards,

  • gives the arborist a chance to examine the tree more closely than possible from the ground,

  • improves overall health by removing dead, diseased, and dying branches.

Should I have my trees topped?
The quick answer is no. Topping, heading back, tipping or dehorning refer to severe cutting back of the crown of a tree. It is poor arboricultural practice and should never be used for healthy tree maintenance. 


  • destroys the branch structure of your tree

  • opens multiple entry points for wood decay organisms

  • may result in a hazardous tree, putting you in a liability position where you could be held responsible

  • fails to limit tree growth as advertised by tree topping companies

Will moss hurt or kill my trees?  return to top

Moss, an air plant, will not damage a healthy tree unless it overtakes a tree, covering the foliage so that photosynthesis does not occur. Moss is not a parasite, like mistletoe which will spread and kill a tree, it basically attaches itself to the exterior bark of a tree.


Is there something you can do to keep moss growth down?
Both Spanish and ball moss are natural in Florida and nature will limit its growth in healthy trees. 

How do you remove moss?
Normal pruning will remove some moss. I
t is natural to have some of this air plant in your Florida trees. Moss can also be handpicked out or sprayed out. The effort of removing too much moss could do more damage to your tree than benefit and also be very costly.

Will mistletoe kill my tree? return to top
Yes! Mistletoe is a parasite, drawing nourishment from your tree. It will kill your tree if not removed. 

How do you get rid of a stump?
We choose and most economical way which is to grind the stump down below grade, that is we grind it below the grass line.

Should tree cuts or wounds be treated or painted?
This used to be  part of the standard recommendation, applying a liberal coating of tree wound dressing to any fresh cuts. Recenly, research has proven that this actually works against nature's design. When a proper cut is made a healthy tree will heal on its own. Let nature take care of itself.

How often do trees need to be pruned? 
Generally, every 3 years for shade trees. Ask us about your specific case.

When is the best time of year to trim my trees? return to top

The old saying goes, "when the pruners are sharp," that is, trees can be pruned at any time of the year. However, there are some exceptions, specifically for fruit, flowering, and ornamental trees. 

Should holes or cavities be filled in my tree?
No. Filling the holes or cavities in your tree does more harm than good. It creates hidden spaces for moisture & disease to build up and rot the tree from the inside out.  

Should I fertilize my trees?
Yes, In Florida's urban environment, it is always a good idea to fertilize your trees. Ailing trees or trees in decline may need additional applications throughout the year. 

Do I need a permit to remove my tree?
For many trees, the answer is "Yes". You can contact your municipality (City or County) to obtain their list of protected trees and size limits. Mid Florida Tree Service an help you obtain any required permits.

What is a grand tree?  return to top

Grand trees are the gold medal winners of their kind. They add value to the community and are trees of larger stature. These trees have been grantned special protection regarding pruning and removal. They must be reviewed and permitted by the inspectors of your municipality.

Please feel free to contact us or request an estimate.



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