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Tampa Tree Service

Tampa is located on the Western coast of Florida. It is a highly populated area that is frequented by tourists and those visiting for entertainment or relaxation. Tampa is known for it's various waterways, like the Hillsborough River that feeds into Tampa Bay. The warm weather and coastal moisture make it a lush tropical area, vibrant with natural beauty. This type of climate breeds many species of flowers, plants, and trees. A nature experience can be had from merely taking a walk down the street or a park trail. In the urban areas, nature is still very visible. There's an estimated 7 million trees or more in the Tampa area. Birds and wildlife use the trees' landscape as their habitats. To keep the beauty in it's peak state and properly protected, a Tampa tree service is necessary. There are rules and regulations that must be followed to keep the trees in tip top shape. This keeps vitality in the Tampa Bay area trees and forests.

Tampa Tree Regulations

Tampa has city regulations that residents and Tampa tree service providers must follow. Property owners can be fined by the city of Tampa for removing trees without the proper permit. Many don't realize there are regulations regarding the trees and servicing them. To remove Cypress or Mangrove trees there is a mandatory permit required. It doesn't matter the size or age of the Mangrove or Cypress trees. A permit is required to remove these species of trees. There are other trees that are protected and require permits for removal as well. Trees that have trunks greater than 5" diameter require a mandatory permit prior to removal. Steep fines can be avoided by being knowledgeable about the permits or by hiring a Tampa tree service that is familiar with the needed permits.

Tampa Trees That Require No Permit

There are several tree species that require no permit prior to removal. Within the Tampa city limits these trees can be removed without a mandatory permit from the city of Tampa. Australian Pine, Brazilian Pepper, Carrotwood, Cherry Laurel, Chinaberry, Chinese Tallow, Citrus (all Types), Ear Tree, Earleaf Acacia, Eucalyptus Tree, Golden Rain Tree, Lead Tree, Male Mulberry, Mimosa, Monkey Puzzle, Punk Tree, Queen Palm, Queensland Umbrella Tree, Rosewood, Silk Oak Tree, Surinam Cherry, and Wild Cherry.

Tampa Grand Trees Are Protected More Strictly

Any tree that has a diameter greater than 34" can be classified as a "Grand Tree". The Grand trees are highly protected and more strictly regulated. There are certain conditions that must be met before removal of a Grand tree is given by the city of Tampa. The process of removing trees classified as a Grand tree can be complex. An order granting removal of these trees has a 14 day time frame and is best left to a Tampa tree service that is qualified and experienced in this process. Mid-Florida tree service is the company to consult regarding tree removal in the Tampa Florida area.

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